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Hi, I'm Violet and this is my story. I am the control freak, the jolly realist, the liberal who loves Christ, just another girl who loves. I like all things art, emotion, love, and passion induced. I make decisions no one else would ever dare make for me. I am as simply or as complexly as you make me.

And I'm nowhere near the person who I thought I'd be yesterday; that happens a lot — for better or for worse.
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Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II (21 April 1926)

God save our gracious Queen!  Long live our noble queen! God save the Queen! Send her victorious, happy and glorious! Long to reign over us! God save the Queen!

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Oh god I feel this so hard


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The irony is killing me. 

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I’ve come home.

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Things you just don’t do

Try to explain to a grumpy old man that you aren’t fully mentally stable. 

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I just took a short test to find out my mental age! Take the test for yourself:


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I do not care about what you did today or last night or what you will do tomorrow. All I care is where you are right now and that is with me.

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She is beautiful

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This is one of those days in which going home, being sad and crying a little bit and just doing absolutely nothing seems very appropriate. Can I just. I really need a moment. 

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Things I need to do


1. Learn to love myself more
2. Regain fearlessness
3. Right all the wrongs
4. Stop hesitating
5. Go back to being the person that people once admired, she was pretty cool
6. Make my personal billion
7. Be proud of myself

To those who have been loving me at my worst, thank you. Soon you will be loving me at my best, which will entail me loving you more than I can possibly give you. You all deserve it.



Check, check and check. Looks like I’m done here. Pls. welcome me back and thank you for waiting.



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Things that I would like to not happen

All because you have misunderstood me terribly.

But I am giving it time. And in time you will come to full understanding.

I hope we never run out of it

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"You’ve become so damaged that when someone tries to give you what you deserve, you have no fucking idea how to respond."

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I was right: I grew in reverse

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Ready to lay the cards out. 

No more waiting. 

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